Natural Newborn Photography - what is it all about?

I always talk about how my newborn photoshoots are natural, simple and authentic. But what does that really mean?

For me, natural newborn photography means that I do not go into the session with a strong stylised plan. I don't plan to rock baby to sleep in order to place baby in a bucket or a bowl. Now, I have to say that there are some absolutely fantastic newborn photographers who do this and they do it beautifully. But it just isn't for me. I also don't add props here and there - like flowers, bows and bonnets or a flat cap in order to offer you more variety and achieve a higher sale. In fact if you come to my session with a flat cap for baby or a motor cycle helmet, I won't use them.

I do go into each newborn baby photoshoot with a plan. I am not winging it. But my plan is to hold back as much as possible. Baby must take the lead. I have a really strong skill of how to achieve a delicate and natural gallery of images of your baby without the use of props and traditional posing. Now, I don't just plonk baby down and photograph them. Anyone can do that. I do move baby gently into positions that are natural and not forced. So on their side or back. I move around the beanbag and use the beautiful natural light to photograph your baby. A clever use of angles will ensure that the light envelops them beautifully.

Newborn photography does not have to be posed.

Newborn photography can and should be incredibly gentle. It should not take 4 or 5 hours. I want your visit to be short and sweet and for you to leave safe in the knowledge that awake or asleep, your baby will have been perfect just the way they were. Because they are perfect and I don't judge a session based on how easy baby was and how I managed to photograph them in my new bucket. I base my sessions on - if the baby was content, the connect and the emotion. And the in-between moments that happen. The unplanned.

I love natural newborn photography. These images will be unique. Just like your baby.

mother with her newborn baby
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