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So if you're on this page you must be looking for a natural newborn photographer / newborn photography near Manchester or in and around Cheshire and the first thing I'd like to say is - huge congratulations, this is such a hugely special time and I already know you will have a million and one things to plan and think about. So the next thing I would like to say is - thank you. Thank you for visiting my newborn photography website to see what I am all about.

This is a very important time for you and picking the right natural newborn photographer is key to making sure you get the perfect baby photos. You obviously want the very best for you and your baby. Getting the best natural newborn photographer that you can to capture your newborns early dates has to be one of the most important decisions that you make. What one person thinks is the perfect baby photo is very different from the next. So I thought it would be great to add some information about my style of natural newborn photography and a few other details to help answer some initial queries that you might have.

Newborn photos are best suited for babies aged up to 4 weeks. With each passing day your newborn baby gets used to being outside the confines of your cosy tummy and they start to stretch and straighten out. The first 2 weeks is a wonderful time to capture how tiny, curly and sleepy newborn babies are at this age. However, we can still achieve similar results up to the age of about 4 weeks,


I'm one of very few newborn photographers near Manchester and around Cheshire that specialise in a more natural, baby led style of newborn photography. Cheshire and Manchester has very few photographers that focus on a natural approach and I truly believe that I am one the best newborn photographers in Cheshire/Manchester when it comes to this minimal style.


Many newborn photographers have a strict workflow and like to structure their sessions around a list of set poses that they use for every newborn photoshoot. If you look around you will see a wealth of newborn photographers posing babies in adorable hats, bonnets and bows and placed safely in buckets and heart shaped bowls. Lots of different colours and backdrops. Family photos of a newborn baby with everyone looking and smiling at the camera while the baby slept in such a way that you could see their whole face. This just isn't me and is not my style. It does not fulfil me and it does not feel real to me. Something is missing for me. It is all too complicated, fussy and missing the true connection & emotion that comes with having a newborn baby.

Having a new baby is such an emotional time, so filled with trepidation and then absolute elation, joy and love when they arrive. Just capturing them in cute poses and recording how the family looked just wasn’t enough for me as a newborn photographer. I want more for you. And for me, as a natural newborn photographer.

As a natural newborn photographer, baby led photography is perfect. My sessions are no longer than 2 hours. I do not use props. Your baby is enough. I photograph your newborn baby on a white backdrop so that the focus is always on your baby. Colours and patterned backdrops are pretty, but take focus completely away from your baby. White perfectly frames each baby so they are the centre of attention.

Safety is paramount for me and I would never put your baby in a position that compromises them.

Natural and gentle posing which is led by your baby is the most perfect approach for newborn photography. Babies are kept warm and snuggly and aren't constantly being moved from bucket to bowl.

I take the same approach for family photos and just give some tips as to where to stand or sit for the best light. I then let the family be themselves, capturing the love and natural devotion as it plays out in front of me.

The ultimate goal for me as a natural newborn photographer near Manchester is to make the family feel all of those emotions and be reminded about every detail of their baby when they look at their photos. All of the newborn photos that I capture will be as unique as your baby.

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How do you photograph newborns?

For me, babies are perfect just as they are. I choose to showcase this with my simple approach. Photographing babies on white means that baby is always at the forefront of each photo. I don't believe that they need to be placed in bowls or baskets. The current norm is to pose baby's in positions that I do not think safe or natural. I use angles, light and the natural curves of a newborn to create a beautiful gallery. Baby's safety is everything.

Where are you based and do you have a studio?

My all white photography studio is at the bottom of my garden and it is absolutely perfect for newborn and baby photography. I live in a residential street in Henbury village just outside Macclesfield.

How & when will we receive our images?

After your session, I go back through all the images and select the best of the best from them. I then do a top line edit and send it back to you via an on-line gallery. This process takes 2-3 weeks (sometimes less). Gallery size is usually around 35-40 images.

When should we book?

The simple answer to this is - as soon as you know that you want me to photograph your baby. Book me. Ideal time is to book just after your 20 week scan. That way, you've one less thing to worry about. We don't confirm the actual date of the photoshoot until baby arrives - so you needn't worry about being early or overdue. I've got your back!

Based in Cheshire - close to Manchester!

My dedicated newborn photography studio is based just outside Macclesfield in Cheshire & not far from Manchester. I would love to welcome you and your new family member and am always honoured to be chosen to photograph your baby. Please do get in touch so we can start you on your newborn photography journey with Light Of My Life Photography.

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