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Natural photography for your baby in Macclesfield -

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Light Of My Life Photography in Cheshire, offers your family a timeless approach to baby photography. A specialist newborn photographer in Macclesfield, Cheshire, my natural and organic approach to newborn, older baby & cake smash photography is one which you baby is always the focus. My styling is minimalist, photographing baby effortlessly on a clean white backdrop so attention is always drawn to your baby.

Selecting your baby's photographer is a hugely personal choice and who you choose will inevitably help shape how you remember these early precious days. With me, your session will be as unique as your baby. My baby photoshoots are kept natural and simply styled. By keeping my baby photoshoots minimalist I truly believe that the focus is where it should be. On baby. These newborn photography sessions are the best way to capture magical moments and preserve memories to hold on to forever.

If you're after a family photographer who is able to capture connection & preserve these special memories then look no further.

I offer originality and creativity that you won't see everywhere.

Babies are all beautiful & all deserve to have these memories captured in a timeless way that will never date.

You need baby photos that will last a lifetime.

No props or traditional baby posing.

Just beautifully natural baby photography in Cheshire.

My studio for newborn photography in Cheshire is built in a leafy quiet residential part of Macclesfield. It is absolutely perfect for our baby photoshoots. Easily accessible off the A34, I have clients visit me from all over Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Derbyshire. I am close to Wilmslow, Knutsford, Prestbury and Alderley Edge.

Any questions or to book, please do not hesitate to contact me. I cannot wait to start this journey with you!

Newborn, older baby & cake smash photoshoots in Cheshire - find out more


When should we book our newborn photoshoot?

I recommend that you book your newborn photoshoot just after your 20 week scan. Once baby arrives you contact me and we will set the date of the photoshoot. If your baby is already here - don't fear, I may be able to fit you in still.

How do you photograph newborns?

For me, babies are perfect just as they are. I choose to showcase this with my simple approach. Photographing babies on white means that baby is always at the forefront of each photo. I don't believe that they need to be placed in bowls or baskets. The current norm is to pose babies in positions that I do not think safe or natural. I use angles, light and the natural curves of a newborn to create a beautiful gallery. Baby's safety is everything.

My baby isn't a newborn, will you still photograph them?

Yes of course, every stage of being a baby is worthy of a photoshoot. Please do get in contact with me. I would never turn a baby away based on their age!

When should I book my older baby in for a photoshoot?

Please, if you can, try and book your baby in 2- 3 months before you want your photoshoot. This generally ensures that I am able to accommodate you.

Where are you based and do you have a studio?

My all white studio for newborn photography in Cheshire is at the bottom of my garden and it is absolutely perfect for newborn and baby photography. It is small but it is all we need. I live in a residential street in Henbury village just outside Macclesfield. Often, this is the first time you have left the house with your baby and so this is perfect for you. There is plenty of parking so one less thing to worry about! The studio is easily accessible off the A34 so perfect from Manchester, Knutsford, Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Cheadle and further afield.

How & when will we receive our images?

After your session, I go back through all the images and select the best of the best from them. I then do a top line edit and send it back to you via an on-line gallery. This process takes 2-3 weeks (sometimes less). Gallery size is usually around 35-40 images.

Why choose Light Of My Life Baby Photography?

I am a newborn photographer in Cheshire. If you want a newborn, older baby or cake smash photoshoot that will help you preserve these special days, without the fuss of props or traditional posing - then I am your photographer! I offer an incredibly gentle and relaxed approach to baby photography and believe that the images we create on the day should be as unique as your baby.

I have a dedicated baby photography studio, in Macclesfield, Cheshire which is easily accessible off all local routes with plenty of parking.

About your newborn baby photographer!

Gosh, I hate talking about me, so I have stuffed myself right at the bottom of the page as I can sometimes barely believe anyone would be interested. But I am going to be your baby photographer right? So you may want to know a little bit about me!

My name is Jill and I adore everything about babies and documenting these perfect little beings. I have not always been a newborn baby photographer. In fact a very long time ago I worked in fashion. And after that I owned a Baby Swimming business and taught gorgeous little babies and toddlers how to swim in and around Cheshire. (You should definitely check out baby swimming for your little one if you haven't already!).

I have 3 children and to be honest, I did not have professional baby photos of my first two children. I think I was a bit cynical and couldn't see the point or the importance of it all. (How miserable and wrong was I?). All I thought was baby photography was incredibly cheesy and why would I want to spend money on professional images when I had a camera and could take my own baby snaps. The truth is that I took loads of baby photos but they were all pretty much awful. At that time I had spent little time mastering the art of photography and I didn't really have the time to photograph them with the attention they deserved. Backgrounds were cluttered, lighting was dreadful, clothing was whatever they had on at the time. Do not get me wrong, that is life and documenting days like that is fine. But on being pregnant with my third baby I started to think that maybe I should get some professional baby photos of my children done. Baby photos that would stand the test of time and never date.

I googled "natural baby photographer" and that was the start of it all.

I fell completely in love with what I was seeing on the internet. Beautifully simple newborn photography on timeless white backdrops. Unposed baby photos. Newborn photos that weren't posed or complicated. No dodgy complicated posing! Just simple newborn baby photos that celebrated how perfect newborns were naturally.

I realised that is was possible to have a photoshoot and for it not to feel contrived. That I could have the most amazing baby photos that looked natural and truly celebrated just how unique my baby was. Because it was all about baby. I realised that investing in photography is money well spent. In fact, if you have baby photos taken tomorrow, I can pretty much assure you that in 10 years time, those images will be one of the only investments that you made in those early baby days that you will still want and actually have!!

Problem was, closest newborn photographer that specialised in this gorgeous style was about 200 miles away. My obsession grew and before I knew it I was selling my baby swimming business and I spent every waking minute (when I wasn't juggling the children!) absorbed in how to become a baby photographer. I trained with some of the most respected UK baby photographers to ensure that I was being safe and respectful.

And that was how this beautiful newborn baby photography business was born. And it has since flourished into something so incredibly special and I am beyond proud of what I have achieved. I love my clients and treat each baby with so much respect. They are truly perfect as they are and it my job to ensure that you walk away with a gallery of images that celebrate how unique and special they are.

Location of my newborn photography studio in Cheshire

My specialised newborn and baby studio can service clients really easily from the surrounding areas. I am based in Macclesfield, Cheshire but have clients that visit me from Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool, Chester, Cheadle, Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Congleton, Leek, Buxton, Bury, Oldham....the list goes on! I am really easily accessible off the A34. I live in a residential area so no issues with parking at all.

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Specialising in Newborn, Older Baby & Cake Smash Photoshoots that are Natural, Simple & Uncomplicated.

I am an experienced natural newborn and baby photographer based in Cheshire, offering you a simple approach to baby photography. No awkward posing or uncomfortable cheesy images that you'll later regret! Just beautifully natural newborn photography, here on your doorstep in Cheshire.

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