When should you book your newborn photoshoot?

When is the best time for you to book your newborn photoshoot? Firstly, if you are sat on the sofa with your feet deservedly up at 39 weeks pregnant and are just now asking that question....don't panic when I tell you the answer! The absolute best time to book you and your baby in for your photoshoot is just after your 20 week scan. This is the ideal time to reserve your newborn photoshoot session for multiple reasons which we will explore below. Now my lovely, if you are that heavily pregnant mama and I have thrown you into a spin - do not sweat it. Hit the contact button below and let's see what we can sort for you!

Booking your newborn photoshoot.

I appreciate - particularly if this is you first pregnancy - that you probably think that booking your newborn photoshoot in is something that can wait until baby arrives. Pregnancy is a confusing time. There are so many things to think about. I recall that during my pregnancies I would constantly be reading and researching about each stage of pregnancy - each week in fact! With multiple questions about what I should be eating, drinking, vitamins I should be taking, exercise and managing diaries to make all the appointments. And then also what baby needs once they arrive! I get that a newborn baby photoshoot might not be something on your mind 4 months before they have even been born.

But, if you’re pregnant but think that booking in a newborn session is something you can think about later and stick down the bottom of your list, it might be time to rethink things.

newborn baby girl on her natural newborn photoshoot near Manchester with her parents

Fall in love with your newborn photography style

Newborn photography can be a significant investment and so you need to work out what style of newborn photography you believe will be truly timeless for you. What some regard as timeless is different to others. For me, timeless is something that will always be relevant and never look at of place. This is why I specialise in a more natural approach. I refer to it as gently posed without the fuss of props or dramatic splashes of colour. Natural and neutral colours stand the test of time and never take the emphasis away from your newborn. You want your baby to be the point of focus. Not the props.

It is important that once you find your newborn photographer that you understand when you need to book to ensure that your baby has reserved their photoshoot. The ideal time is after your 20 week scan. This will ensure that your photographer has your due date pencilled in and once your baby arrives then can ensure that you can join them in the studio in the early days. If you do not book your photoshoot in early you are risking the newborn photographer having limited or zero availability to cover those first two weeks of birth.

If you think I am the photographer for you - contact me now and lets get one thing ticked off that mental list of things to do!

I hear you asking, what if the baby arrives early or late? I ensure flexibility in my schedule to account for such things - it is never ever a problem.

How much does your newborn photographer cost?

Babies are expensive little beings. A photoshoot needs planning in because any photographer with a beautiful portfolio and experience and great reviews (me!) is going to be an investment for most normal people. If you have a budget of £200 but fall in love with my portfolio after baby is born - you are going to be unable to afford a Light of My Life Newborn Baby Photoshoot. So, you will reluctantly have to settle for the "new" newborn photographer down the road with "little" experience of handling babies and "reviews" from their mates not clients who is charging much less. Will it be worth it? Probably not. Employ an unexperienced photographer with little hands on experience of posing babies and you get "meh" photos! Suddenly you have wasted £200!

Exceptional newborn photography and the beautiful experience that comes with that session is not going to be pocket change. I have been established since 2017 and have done 100's of newborn photoshoots. There is nothing I haven't experience and nothing that I do not know how to overcome in a newborn photoshoot. I touch and pose your baby with respect and always come from a place of love. Babies are the best. They will be the loves of your life from now until eternity.

So, because your baby deserves the best, research early so you can afford the best.

Because your baby deserves the absolute best.

Baby Shower ideas!

Instead of blankets you won't use or 10 bottles of the same moisturising cream - why not consider a baby gift voucher to go towards your photoshoot? Ask for contributions towards something that you actually want! A bit like asking for contributions towards your honeymoon? Instead ask for money towards your newborn photoshoot!

So lets book your newborn session in now!

As with most things, preparation is key. 

Planning ahead will give you a lot of reassurance because it is one less thing. Imagine going to book your photographer once baby arrives and your favourite newborn baby photographer is fully booked! Please don't have that disappointment. It is not worth it - especially since you can secure your newborn photoshoot for just £75. Once paid then I will send you a preparation guide and you can then read ahead and invest in any clothes you might want to wear (I have some you can borrow!) and you can read through what to expect. Something else to get excited about!