Natural Newborn Photoshoot

Looking for a natural newborn photoshoot? I am a newborn and baby photographer based in Macclesfield, Cheshire and specialise in natural newborn photoshoots. My minimalist and simple approach is a hugely sought after style nowadays. Why is natural newborn photography such a popular choice for Cheshire families? Because it offers a more authentic and genuine approach that does not age in the same way as other styles.

I pride myself in natural newborn photoshoots because I know that your newborn baby is the more important thing in your life and my natural approach is the safest and most gentle method to photograph your baby. I try to limit contact as much as possible and let your baby fall naturally into a deep sleep.

My dedicated baby photography studio in Macclesfield, Cheshire is perfect for you natural newborn photoshoot. The all white interior is ideal for newborns because of its purity. It ultimately provides the perfect backdrop to frame your baby in. It is my belief that my job is to photograph your baby and not to try out new poses or props or colour schemes that I fancy.

My natural newborn photoshoots are perfect for the modern parents who perhaps had the impression that newborn photoshoots involved putting babies into flower pots or baskets and were put off with the idea. With my photoshoots, we simply use the bean bag and your arms. And we all know a newborns favourite place is in your arms!

gorgeous sleeping newborn in white onesie during newborn photoshoot
Sleeping newborn baby on newborn photoshoot based in macclesfield in dedicated photography studio
Newborn baby asleep on bean bag during newborn photoshoot in macclesfield

What to expect on your natural newborn photoshoot

My Natural newborn photoshoots are generally 2 hours long. Sometimes less if baby is particularly sleepy. The two hours allow for lots of cuddles and reassurance time plus feeds and nappy changes. So it is important to know that you are not affecting your photoshoot time by feeding your baby. Actually, in the odd cases where baby doesn't settle well, we can and will add a bit of time on to the shoot. So absolutely no need to panic about time.

On my natural newborn photoshoots, your baby can be awake or asleep - so long as your newborn is happy and content. If baby is awake then we will always spend time to see if we can encourage sleep but a sleeping baby is not essential. I have a very flexible workflow and let your newborn baby lead the session.

My natural newborn photoshoots do involve very gentle posing but only in positions that are comfortable and safe. And ultimately natural! You'll find that I work a lot with angles to find gorgeous light and I adore lots of beautiful white negative space that frames your baby perfectly. During the session I will find ideal moments for you to become involved in the photoshoot. I always assure doubtful dads that they don't need to look at the camera and reassure mums that I will make them look fabulous in the images through beautiful angles and light.

The most important thing to remember about your natural newborn photoshoot is that the difference between and nice session and an amazing session is YOU! All I ask is that you relax and that you do what comes naturally to you. Lean over and kiss your partner, laugh and smile at them, kiss your baby, cuddle your baby and stroke their hair. I am there to capture those in-between moments that make your session magical and unique to you.

How to book your natural newborn photoshoot

If you think that I might be the photographer for you - then get in touch and let's plan your natural newborn photoshoot in.

The best time to book your natural newborn photoshoot in with me is just after your 20 week scan. This is the ideal time as it absolutely ensures that I have space for you. I use your due date as a guide and then it is once your baby arrives that we plan in the actual date of the shoot.

I have 3 collections that I find suits most budgets and needs. You would not need to decide upon the collection you want at booking and can wait until you have seen your gallery. At booking, I ask for a £75 deposit today to confirm your booking and this then will come off the balance of your eventual chosen collection.

You've booked your newborns photoshoot - so what happens next?

Aww you get to tick another thing off the list!! Well done!

Having a baby is amazing but it is also full of a lot of decision making and even if I am blowing my own trumpet - I truly believe that by booking a natural newborn photoshoot with me - that you will have the most beautiful, elegant and timeless collection of images that will stand the test of time.

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