Natural Newborn Photography Training 2022

Natural Newborn Baby Photography Training 1:1's

Creating simplicity

Are you looking for natural newborn baby photography training because you are wanting a more gentle & simple approach to your newborn sessions. I am delighted to now be offering 1:1's.

Shadow me as I show you how I do a natural newborn or sitter photoshoot. How I use angles, composition and natural light to help create beautiful depth to my images. Watch as I show how we can get a stunning range of varied images without posing baby's in props and baskets. I will share my camera settings and techniques for creating clean pure images on white. We will then edit a selection of images taken from the day and I will show you how I edit in Lightroom and Photoshop from start to finish.

I adore simplicity and if you are looking for natural newborn photography training then our time together will help you enormously. You will leave feeling fully equipped and ready to embrace the simplicity of natural baby photography with great insight in to how to have beautiful clean whites.

1:1's start at 9.30am and finish around 2.30pm.

ONE DAY 121: COST £595

Newborn 1:1 training in photography

Only available for those that live 50+ miles from SK11.

Keeping it natural with my newborn photography training

Natural newborn photography is HUGE right now and so getting training in this style of baby photography is vital. You will want to be able to offer your clients the best possible experience and stay ahead of the game. Lots of photographers may think because it is natural that they do not need natural newborn photography training. This is where they are wrong. Because you need a wealth of ideas and experience on lighting and angles to make you images stand out from the rest. You need to be able to think on your feet and adapt different approaches for when baby is asleep, awake or upset.

Over the years I have learnt every trick in the book that will ensure that regardless of how the baby is on that day, that I will deliver a beautiful unforgettable gallery to my clients. In fact, some of my favourite galleries are from when baby was more difficult.

Each client should leave the studio feeling confident that there baby was just perfect as they were. And I always know that I have a gallery of images that my client will adore - forever.

If you would like to training in natural newborn photography - now is the time.

Make the investment to be the best natural newborn photographer in town and blow your clients away with a gorgeous set of images every single time.

Bespoke editing tutorials available.

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Invest in your future with newborn photography training