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Older baby photography in Cheshire -

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When I talk about baby photography I am referring to older baby photoshoots. Best done from around 7 months, or when your little on is starting to sit unaided. It is such a perfect time to photograph your baby.

Let me tell you why.

They have changed so much! I bet you are sat there thinking about your little one and are completely staggered by how much they have grown and how quickly they have changed. The growth in babies within that first year is hard to believe. Never will they change so much in the course a short year.


The newborn baby stage is like no other, but as they grow and you start to see their little personalities emerge, well there's absolutely nothing better.


7-13 months is the best age for older baby photography in Cheshire, because this is when they really start showing their personalities and are discovering so many new skills. As parents you are no longer trying to navigate a host of new things. Yes there are still plenty of challenges and they will come thick and fast, but you have grown and relaxed into parenthood and know your child well. They will still be amazing you each and every day with how they tackle the world but you'll begin to worry about how you will ever remember it all. It is a lot of pressure to put yourself under. This is why there is nothing better than a baby photoshoot. You are freezing a moment time. Time stops for no-one but with photography we can capture and treasure these memories forever.


Just like my newborn baby photoshoots, my older baby photography in Cheshire is baby led. Babies are free to explore the studio. Hide in the curtains playing peekaboo. Play with the lovely collection of toys and engage with you as much as they need to. I love it when you get involved too. Capturing you playing with your baby is a gift for you both. How special will that moment in time become for your child as they get older. You are literally filling there future with a gallery of images that they can look back on and see how much they were adored. That is surely priceless?

You can add a cake smash on to your photoshoot if you wish, which is a lovely thing to do if your baby is turning one. Cake smashes certainly are not for everyone but lots of parents in and around Cheshire, like to add in cake for their older baby photoshoots. Now how they respond to this glorious cake can go one of many ways. Some baby's are immediately suspicious of it. They have never seen such a thing before and are not quite sure how to tackle it and if it even should be eaten. The baby's little face as they try and understand what it is doing in front of them is absolutely adorable. Some, once shown, will gently nibble on it, small delicate little bites, ever so polite! Others are straight into the cake and make no excuses for the absolute carnage they create. It is brilliant. Some simply knock it over and are not remotely interested in it and it's left to mum and dad to eat it later with a cup of tea - disaster? I think not!

Read more about cake smashes below!

My studio is based just outside Macclesfield in Cheshire and is dedicated to older baby photography. I would love to welcome you and your baby and am always honoured to be chosen to photograph your baby. Please do get in touch so we can start you on your baby photography journey with Light Of My Life Photography.

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