A New Style of NATURAL Newborn Photography in Macclesfield

Usually, newborn baby photographers wait until baby is fast asleep before they start taking photos. That seems to be the norm. Traditionally, in order to pose baby's for stylised baby photos, they need to be asleep. Newborn photographers will work to get baby into a deep, deep sleep. This could happen quickly, or could take hours. Newborn babies need to be deep asleep so that the photographer can then move them into poses. If they are disturbed and woken, the photographer needs to get them asleep again. This is why some photoshoots can take 4 hours.

However, I choose to go completely against the norm and what the other newborn photographers in Manchester and Cheshire are doing. For many reasons, I chose to follow a different path in my photography. I am baby led. This means I let your baby lead the session, if they want to sleep then great I’ll capture them asleep. I will always be incredibly gentle and will go out of my way not to wake them. But if they do waken, then so be it. We will get awake baby photos. Either way it will be perfect. I want to capture them naturally.

By capturing your newborn baby natural, it makes you images completely unique to you. Don't get me wrong, I don't wing the session. I have lots of ideas about what makes a beautiful image and I will help guide this.

I take a huge amount of inspiration from fellow photographers around the world that have also adopted a more natural heartfelt approach.

So for natural newborn photography near Macclesfield, please do get in contact.