Beautiful Natural Family Photoshoots in Cheshire

Everyone says the days go so quickly. But sometimes, it doesn't feel like that. Sometimes, when you are in the thick of it all, the days are long, hard and unrelenting. Taking a nice family photo seems impossible and you want to be able to look back at these precious days with the love and attention that they deserve. So this is why so many families in Cheshire come to me and get a family photoshoot done professionally. It is nice to carve out a few hours of a day and dedicate it to your family. My family photoshoots are fun, relaxed and kept as natural and timeless as possible. Most of my clients come to me because they do not want to be overly posed and made to feel awkward. It shows in your photographs if you feel uncomfortable. My natural photoshoots couldn't be further from that. I do guide you to ensure that the light hits you beautifully & that I capture you in the most flattering of angles. But my favourite images happen when you do what you do best - be you!

My photography studio is based in Macclesfield in Cheshire & I adore photographing young families as they go through so many wonderful milestones in their lives. From maternity photoshoots, to newborn and first birthday photography. Each moment is so special and unique. This is why natural photography helps to capture you all so perfectly. Because each photoshoot becomes unique to you. No two photoshoots are ever the same - because my natural photoshoots help to frame who you are as a family. From your baby or toddler smiling to you when you are off camera, to you stroking your newborns face as they need settling by you, to you all bundled together in a gorgeous group family hug and we get the giggles and kisses.

These moments are precious. They need capturing & framing. Let me help you do this.

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Beautiful young family smiling on their natural family photoshoot