I often get contacted about doing photoshoots with older children and I am always more than happy to photograph all your family when you book a baby photoshoot with me. My speciality is really in those early days and first year, it is my passion. When you bring older siblings along I am absolutely delighted to photograph them and take beautiful images of you and your growing family. These are special days. However, I often do have to turn clients away when they ask for a photoshoot purely for a child over two or three years old. Whilst I could easily say yes, I have to be honest with you, they're best photographed outdoors. Here they have the freedom to run and explore and allow for your photographer to get beautiful images of them relaxed, happy and content. My studio is small and more often than not, older toddlers get frustrated and at times, bored in a confined space. You get a very limited time with older toddlers to engage and capture them and this is especially difficult when you are limited to space. This is why I truly believe that older children should be photographed outdoors. images can be captured without the child feeling under any pressure to sit still. I was fortunate enough a few years ago to meet Helen Rae - a hugely talented family photographer who specialises in capturing gorgeous authentic family moments in the great big outdoors. In fact she took some beautiful images of my older children when they were 4 and 2 years of age. Images I will always adore.

Helen is a highly-experienced children’s photographer and is based in Cheshire. She has a huge talent for capturing images that capture a strong sentiment with meticulous attention to technical detail. With enormous knowledge of the surrounding areas, Helen will take you and your family to a beautiful location and will help you create amazing memories for you as a family. Her ability to capture your growing family with her unique style is something that you should most definitely check out. So hop over to her website and get yourself booked in for when your little ones are too big for a studio and need to run free!