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March 9, 2022 Sitting Babies

Cake Smash Photoshoot in Cheshire

Celebrate your baby's birthday with a photoshoot

Your baby turning one has to be one of the most special events in your baby's early life. Cake smashes have become incredibly popular in Cheshire and its not hard to see why. 12 months have passed since that tiny little newborn came in to this world and you have rocked, cuddled, kissed and tended to everyone of their needs. Protected every inch of their growing bodies and showered them with so much love. Needless to say, celebrating their first birthday with a photoshoot and even one with cake (cake smash) seems like an incredibly natural thing to want to do.

Cake smashes are an American tradition and obviously involve a cake, a birthday and a baby! Ooh and a photographer like me! It is a photoshoot after all! We have a lovely play first and I will capture your baby in a whole variety of ways on their own and with you - before things get potentially very messy! Once baby has had a good play and then the cake smash begins. They have usually worked up a little appetite and are ready to have a little snack! Now how they respond to this glorious cake can go one of many ways. Some baby's are immediately suspicious of it. They have never seen such a thing before and are not quite sure how to tackle it and if it even should be eaten. The baby's little face as they try and understand what it is doing in front of them is absolutely adorable. Some, once shown, will gently nibble on it, small delicate little bites, ever so polite! Others are straight into the cake and make no excuses for the absolute carnage they create. It is brilliant. Some simply knock it over and are not remotely interested in it and it's left to mum and dad to eat it later with a cup of tea - disaster? I think not! All the time, I am there, in the background getting lots of lovely adorable photographs of your baby. By the end of the session you will have a beautiful selection of images to help celebrate you baby's first birthday.

I offer first birthday photoshoots with and without cake. Both photoshoot options are incredibly similar and it is entirely up to you if you want to add the cake smash in to the mix. These photoshoots are a lot of fun but not everyone is actually that interested in the cake option. So I have included lots of images from a first birthday photoshoot so you can see!

I am based in Macclesfield, Cheshire and offer newborn, older baby, first birthday and cake smash photoshoots to families in and around Cheshire. Please take a look around my site and if feel free to message me to connect and get planning your baby's photoshoot with me! I absolutely love babies and capturing their beautiful personalities on camera. For you. Forever to keep.

baby eating cake on a cake smash photoshoot in Cheshire

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