when is the best time for natural baby photos?

I often get asked about when is the best time to achieve lovely natural baby photos, particularly when out of the newborn stage. To be honest, I can achieve a beautiful gallery of natural baby photos throughout the first 12 months but my absolute favourite time is around 7 - 8 months of age.

Usually at this age, they are sitting with confidence. Lovely and sturdy - bless them. So they can happily sit and play in one spot and are intrigued by all the simple things. They laugh and smile without a care in the world and are generally happy little souls. No longer milk guzzling feeding machines (disclaimer - this is not really true if you are a breast feeding mama and I know from experience! :-)) they are pretty content. Obviously it can be pretty exhausting having photos taken and so there will of course come a time in the session that they get a little tired and need to stop for a drink or a nibble on something.

My toy selection is absolutely perfect for this age and they adore everything we get out for them. From the drum banging dog, to the xylophone, shakers and big soft rabbit. They are fascinated by their reflections in the mirror and even more amazed to see mummy or daddy through it.

It really is a wonderful age. Just before they start walking and take off like a rocket around the room. It is the most perfect time for natural baby photos. They still have the baby chub and rolls which are simply delicious to photograph. Just so stinking cute.

gorgeous baby looking at the camera