Older Baby & First Birthday Photoshoots


Older Baby - Pricing & Packages

Simple, Pure & Timeless

My main aim, as a baby photographer, is to ensure you receive images that you can keep forever. Simple, pure & timeless older baby photography. Something that in the future, acts like a ticket back into time, to see and re-live these precious moments, forever.

Simple collection

Baby getting tickled by feather on photoshoot in Macclesfield

Simple collection

Up to 1 Hour Photoshoot
10 Digital Images to download


pure collection

Baby girl with big eyes looking straight into camera on her baby photoshoot in Macclesfield

pure collection

Up to 1 hour Studio Time
20 images to download
Four 10 x 8 Professional Prints


timeless collection

baby with daddy photo

timeless collection

Up to 1 hour Studio Time
Full Gallery 30+ Images
Eight 10 x 8 Prints


older baby & first birthday photography

Perfect from when baby starts to be able to sit confidently - 7 months plus. This stage is just a joy to photograph. Lots of smiles and interaction. I have a great range of lovely wooden toys for baby to play with. They can sit and play, its a bit like a baby sensory playdate. No pressure whatsoever. I will simply click away as baby explores the studio and the toys using the light to photograph baby beautifully. Your interaction is key. Lots of reassurance will help baby feel comfortable. If your baby is about to turn one, we can use my gorgeous ONE letters to help stop document this special birthday too.

Baby celebrates first birthday on a natural baby photoshoot in Macclesfield Cheshire
Baby celebrates first birthday with birthday flag on a natural baby photoshoot in Cheshire
Baby celebrates first birthday with party hat on a natural baby photoshoot in Cheshire
Baby celebrates first birthday and a natural baby photoshoot in Cheshire

How do you photograph baby's?

I have a very relaxed approach to baby photography and I do everything in my power to make sure baby is as relaxed as possible. I'm a fan of unposed baby images and so love to capture baby's looking curiously or smiling at you. I don't think that baby needs to be looking at the camera in order to get a beautiful image. Take a look at my portfolio to see if my style suits what you are looking for.

What should we wear?

I photograph only on white. This is so your eye is immediately drawn to baby - who should be the focus of attention. So with this mind, keep your outfits simple. No bold colours or patterns. Ideally a white top teamed with jeans etc. Baby just needs to come in a white baby vest. Simple and straightforward.

Where are you based and do you have a studio?

I'm based in Macclesfield and I am in the process of having a new studio build in my garden - due to launch in Feb 2021. Until then, I will continue to photograph baby's in my home. It is still the most perfect and comfortable environment for all and works like a dream for all my photoshoots.

How & when will we receive our images?

After your session, I go back through all the images and select the best of the best from them. I then do a top line edit and send it back to you via an on-line gallery. This process takes 2-3 weeks (sometimes less). Gallery size is usually around 25-35 images.