Learn my newborn workflow and editing style with training.

Newborn Editing & Bean Bag

Workflow E-book

Are you struggling with natural newborn baby photography? Is it harder than you thought?

I am going to show you my bean bag work flow!!

Lost for ideas on what to do if baby doesn't sleep.

Not sure how to add variety without feeling like you are being repetitive?

Are you spending hours on end photographing babies and not loving the work that you are producing?

Could it be that your whites are grey? Blue? Yellow?

It is stressful not being able to get those whites bright! I know!!

Maybe you are new to photography and are keen to start your newborn photography journey!

I can help teach you with my NEW training guide and editing videos.

Every newborn session I do is consistently me.

I go into each photoshoot with no fears or worries about what the session will turn out like.

I adore my job because I have no restrictions - I don't buy in to all the traditional baby posing and instead have adopted a lovely simple workflow that works EVERY SINGLE TIME. I will share with you a recent gallery of a newborn who spent most of the session awake and about 30 mins asleep!

The gallery was gorgeous!

I will share with you editing videos - my editing is simply the icing on the cake.

Please note - I use my SMAL presets to enhance my already gorgeous images.

I always ensure that my skin tones are beautiful and my whites are beautifully white.