How to edit whites - editing tutorial

Image to show how white my editing is with baby asleep

Do you need help with creating beautiful bright whites?

Do you struggle with skin tones?

Do you need help on how to make you image pop?

Let me help you with an editing tutorial.

Send me 5 RAW files and I within 7 days I will record myself editing these for you on Lightroom and Photoshop. I will then send these videos on to you to keep so you can learn from them and apply them to future images.

I can do this without using any presets or actions if this is your preference.

All I ask is that the photographs you send me are genuinely photographed on white. This is really important.

You will then be ready with a really strong editing workflow and be able to apply these principles to your own images.

You can get great results without the use of actions and presets.

I can also add an edit with my own image and show you some extra tools that I use that is the icing on the cake.

If you are relatively new and don't have images you want to send me, I will show you 5 images of my own and show you how I edit from start to finish, ensuring you get a good mix of different angles. You will learn so much!


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