Creating simplicity

Newborn & Baby Photography Training 1:1's

Maybe you are looking to train as a baby photographer or you already are one and are wanting to take a more gentle natural approach. I am now offering 1:1's.

Shadow me as I show you how I do a newborn or sitter photoshoot. How I use angles, composition and natural light to help create beautiful depth to my images. Watch as I show how we can get a stunning range of varied images without posing baby's in props and baskets. I will share my camera settings and techniques for creating clean pure images on white. We will then edit some of the images taken from the day and I will show you how I edit in Lightroom and Photoshop from start to finish.

You should go away feeling fully equipped and ready to embrace the simplicity of natural baby photography with great insight in to how to have beautiful clean whites.

1:1's start at 10am and finish around 2.30pm.



The second day can be an older baby (sitter session) or another newborn and will follow on similar lines to the one day.

This is only available for those that live 50+ miles from SK11.

Newborn 1:1 training in photography

Invest in your future

If you are looking into becoming a newborn baby photographer - do not skim on training. It is not as easy as it looks. By training you are fast tracking your business. By training, you are going into a newborn session with confidence and knowledge. Babies are precious and safety comes first with me every single time.

You need the experience to get the work and the practice to get the experience!