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In my photography you’ll notice that the baby is virtually always dressed and I don’t pose them.

It’s hugely different from the norm in newborn photography and because of that I thought it would be worth explaining why I chose to break from the norm.

All a newborn baby wants is to be warm, comfy, full and near mummy and daddy.

I have always said that my babies came out with little personalities from the get go. They didn’t like being fussed over and passed around, nor did they like being naked. My goodness the anger they expressed over unnecessary fuss – I’m thinking tights on newborns, outfits that go over the head and the endless requests for cuddles from well meaning people meaning that their content sleep was disturbed. And it is from this knowledge of my own children that helped guide me in my style of newborn photography sessions.

I’ve never met a newborn baby that likes being naked. They are so little and bodies so immature that they lose heat from their bodies 4 x faster than an adult. They cannot regulate their own body temperature. From my own perspective, I hate being cold. Whilst I keep the room warm, most babies will not accept being naked for long. Total red mist occurs and it sends everyone into a stress. 

Getting pictures of your newborn baby should not be at the sacrifice of your own baby’s comfort and happiness. They are unique individuals and I instead like to photograph them on a blank white canvas and see where the mood takes us. Photographing on white means that your eye is immediatel drawn to the baby. It is fuss free with no colours, patterns, baskets and buckets, bonnets and bows. It is actually very gender neutral. 

A simple white baby grow is really all that is needed for baby. They never go out of fashion and this is what you will see them in each day. I don’t see the need to dress them in something they will never wear again. The memories we are making wouldn’t be real and genuine. 

I like to see how they move, stretch and yawn and I use the beautiful natural light and my love of angles and composition to create a stunning collection of authentic moments for you to keep and treasure. 

Simple, natural & timeless newborn photography.

yawning newborn baby
Sleeping cute newborn
content sleeping newborn

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