Getting professional baby photographs done is a big investment. Some clients have the budget put aside for numerous photoshoots in their baby's first year and others decide on just investing in one key milestone. The question is though, which milestone is the most important and when should we get professional baby photos done?

The answer to this question is unique to you. But lots of first time parents aren't 100% sure about what their baby will be doing at each given stage and so I hope that in this blog I can help provide you with an idea on what to expect in a photoshoot at each given stage & help you decide at what point in their first year you should invest in professional baby photos.


These early newborn days often fly past in a blur. Your newborn is a magical mix of sleepy & hungry with their little bodies learning to adapt to the being earthside. From their protective cushion of the womb, they are now out and ready to make their mark and that little person you carried around inside you are out and making themselves known! They love the feel of sleeping close to you, your smell and sound and those tiny little features you could stare at for hours.

Newborns are generally classed as newborns for the first 14-21 days. Like every stage, you never get it back. Everything is new. Your life has changed dramatically and you have this gorgeous little newborn to adore and you love them more than life itself. It is a precious time to photograph your baby. My natural style will celebrate their uniqueness and focus purely on them. Photographed on white, your eye will be immediately drawn to baby and you will have beautiful classic timeless baby photographs that will never age or go out of fashion. Your child will never question why you put them in a silly outfit or in a plant pot. That is simply not my style and for me just takes away from the pure beauty of baby.

newborn in daddy's arms
newborn baby feet
newborn baby in fathers arms


This is an age I haven't traditionally done and in the past I recommended that people wait until their baby is sitting. But with lots of interruptive lockdowns preventing newborns coming into the studio, I started to do more of the age. And I love it! 3 month old babies are just adorable. They are settled into their own skins and just happy and keen to see what is happening. Babies of this age cannot sit and whilst they might like tummy time, they're unable to lift their heads up. Lots of parent help, engagement and holding the baby will really help give the gallery more variety. It is a very cute little stage.

laughing baby
inquisitive baby
family photos of boys


Personally for me, this is just the most adorable of ages. Crazy cute plus they're sitting and so this just opens up a world of variety in terms of your gallery. Babies of this age usually still happy to be in the company of strangers and are really inquisitive about the camera. Likewise the lovely selection of wooden toys I have really does keep hold of their interest. It is a joy to watch them play and explore. We play games hiding around the curtains and peek-a-boo and bash the xylophone and shake the shakers - it is just like their own baby sensory class or play date - but all the toys are for them! I really do love this age and it is such a wonderful time to capture. It often gets overlooked and people wait until baby turns one and whilst that is absolutely fine, I do wish I had more 8 month olds in the studio as they are just an absolute joy!

older sitting baby
baby laughing


Now, this is the milestone most people want to document and I totally get it. You have all the wonderful advantages that come with being 8 months old plus this amazing milestone of a birthday. And why not celebrate it with a first birthday photoshoot? Babies are now very comfortable sitting and are probably crawling and/or walking and cruising along. They are like little rockets that speed around the room, interested in anything and everything. They still love all my toys but are on to the next toy quickly! They love their mummy and feel super secure when they can see her and are starting to get a little more anxiety when it comes to strangers. I always keep my distance initially and just let them get comfortable and know that they are perfectly safe. You are always close by. Sessions are always a lot of fun!

baby turning one
baby playing with toys
older baby with mummy
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