Go back 10 years or so and you will find that professional baby photography was incredibly posed and set up. But actually a very limited market. Baby's were often put in plant pots and made to look like flowers or dressed up as bears or lions and it was all incredibly cutesy. Today, there is now a very big market for this style of baby photography but it has moved on to such a degree that baby photographers have a workflow of "set" poses that they will aim to position your newborn baby in. These poses have names such as "head on hands", "froggy" and the "taco pose". In the right, safe hands, the photographer can pose a baby in these very delicate positions in order to achieve a set of stylised posed images, some photographers might add outfits or bows and hats and some might even composite your baby into a completely new image, so instead of your baby being on the bean bag in the studio, they will edit them into a completely different set. It is mind blowing what talented photographers can achieve. And if this is the style you want to go for, then you will be delighted over the sheer amount of photographers to choose from.

I have a very different style and I am a bit more unique in my approach. I use the words natural, timeless and simple in describing my style and so I thought I would give you some more details about my newborn baby photography and what you can expect by my approach. As a newborn baby photographer, my ultimate goal is for you have a collection of images that are timeless and will stand the test of time. I use white in my sessions, firstly because I love it, it really emphasises your baby and baby doesn't get lost in a photograph of colour and pattern and props. The second reason is that white is timeless. It does not go out of fashion. Never do you have to look back on images and wonder - what were we thinking? It doesn't clash with your home decor. More often than not, when thinking of what colours for your baby in your photographs, you need to think about what will go with the colours in your home. Imagine having to match your baby's photos with the decor of your home?

Now, what do I mean by natural newborn photography. I mean, that I try and position your baby in natural baby positions. I try to encourage natural movement and stretches. I do not place baby's in posing positions that they would not naturally feel comfortable in. I take the safety of newborns incredibly seriously and I would never risk a baby's growing and developing body in order to get a cute shot. Your baby leads the session. Every single time.

In terms of simple newborn photography as a style, what I mean is that I don't have endless props. I like to keep the image as simple as possible so that your eye is immediately drawn to your baby. So I literally have my beanbag and your arms to work with. You will also see that I love it when parents get involved. For me, it is not important for you to be looking at the camera smiling, that is not my style at all. But you simply being there, in the image can and will mean so much to your baby as they grow and get older.

If you are looking for a newborn baby photographer and want a natural simple look, then please do get in contact with me. I am always incredibly honoured to photograph new life and loves and would love to chat with you. Just pop me a message on the below contact form.