How to ensure you have a successful newborn photoshoot - top tips

1) Relax

Honestly, it is just a photoshoot. It will be fine. Please don't stress out and place huge expectations on yourself and your baby. Obviously, I appreciate its not everyday that you go on a photoshoot. Also, it will be one of the first times you leave the house with your newborn baby. I totally understand this. But know that I am a mother of 3 and I too have had years of no sleep, nappies and leaking milk! There is nothing I haven't seen and I fully expect baby - particularly if breast fed - to be wanting regular feeds. I expect them to poo. I expect them to cry. It's nice if they sleep a bit, but it is also nice if they are awake. Honestly. It will be perfect.

2) Routines

Try not to get too hung up on any routine that you think you might have established. Sometimes parents aren't keen to bring extra milk because the baby has been fed at home. I can absolutely guarantee that if you don't bring an extra bit of milk - that is all they will want! Why stress out and potentially regret it when you can just pop another bottle of milk in your bag just in case? It could make all the difference. So what if baby has an extra feed? The day of the photoshoot might be the day that your baby has a growth spurt and wants that extra feed. Be prepared.

3) Get involved

Just go with the flow. Sounds super cheesy I know but your newborn photoshoot will document these precious days, not only for your sakes but also for your baby. I always wish there were more photos of myself and my parents as a baby. I promise it won't be as uncomfortable as you think it might be. I know each father that comes in to my studio is walking in with a complete sense of dread and is only there for their partners sake! I see the terror in dad's eyes! But let me tell you this now, at the end of each newborn photoshoot dad has always got into it and has really enjoyed the session. Everyone leaves the newborn photoshoot having had a really lovely time and every family once they see their images always purchase the family images. Because they will mean something to you forever! And you realise this now.

4) Bring snacks for blackmailing

If you have a toddler in tow...bring snacks and anything additional for blackmailing! Wrap up a little present and show your toddler that this is what they will get for being super helpful. But keep expectations low. They are only little. Their lives have been disrupted by a newborn brother or sister and they are now being bought to somewhere completely new for a stranger to photograph them. It can be daunting. I have 3 children myself and have seen it all. The more you push, they more they will run off. But lots of children will perform especially if they think that they are going to get something out of it. Help yourself a bit and have treats! Also, bring entertainment for them. I have toys to play with as well.

5) Follow the wardrobe advice.

If you want the kind of newborn photos that you see on this website, then please, follow the wardrobe advice. Where neutral colour clothes. It makes all the difference. If you ever need any advice on what to wear. Ask me. I am here for that.

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