T he Newborn Baby Photoshoot

Photographing Beautiful Babies for Beautiful families

If you thought baby photoshoots were all about placing babies in plant pots or putting them in strange poses - Froggy anyone - Then you would be wrong. Because I am a firm believer that babies are just already too darn stinking cute to go fussing with them and turning them into flowers or animals. I mean, look at your baby right now. Are they not the most gorgeous human being that has ever graced this planet? Since they have been born - how many hours have you spend just staring lovingly down at them and taking in their smell, sounds and soft baby skin? Endless hours I bet. If you are yet to hold your baby as they are yet to arrive - then believe me when I say - they will be beyond perfect. This is why I promote sessions that are natural and simple. Be gone props! Your baby doesn't need to look more cute or more beautiful than they already are. Props are there to provide variety for the photographer. I do not need props because i have the most natural baby photography flow that i can guarantee all we need is a bean bag and your arms.

New Family snuggling Newborn on Baby Photoshoot
Young Gorgeous Newborn on Baby Photoshoot
New Father snuggling Newborn on Baby Photoshoot
Sleeping Newborn on Natural Newborn Photoshoot in Cheshire
Fathers hands on newborn baby on a natural baby photoshoot
New Family kissing Newborn on Natural Baby Photoshoot
Sweetly sleeping newborn baby on white blanket on baby photoshoot
Sleeping newborn girl on her baby photoshoot in Macclesfield
Sweet baby girl resting on a white blanket on a newborn photoshoot
Newborn baby on her baby photoshoot in Cheshire
Sweet baby girl sleeping on her newborn photoshoot
New parents cuddling sleeping newborn baby girl on her baby photoshoot

Light Of My Life Baby Photography

I have been established since 2017 and have so much experience handling babies. I adore my job and cherish each baby that is bought into the studio. My job is a blessing and helping families like yours is what makes my day.

Light of My Life Baby Photography is based in Macclesfield, Cheshire.