Gorgeous newborn photoshoots near Wilmslow

Hello - I have been waiting for you.

Yes, you. I am so glad you found me. Because I may well be your newborn photographer and we need to talk.

Are you a parent to be or a new mother, living in or near Wilmlsow & feeling completely overwhelmed by it all? Looking for a newborn photographer is supposed to be the fun bit and as soon as you start googling "I'm newborn photoshoot near wilmslow" you suddenly get endless pages of newborn photographers beckoning for your attention.

So let me break it down for you and help you decide if I am the newborn photographer for you.

What are the top 5 things you should be looking for in a Newborn Photographer in Wilmslow?

  • Experience - did you know literally anyone can pick up a camera and start photographing newborns? That means, someone with no experience in handling babies could be picking up your baby and positioning/posing them with little hands on ability to do it safely. Here at Light of My Life Baby Photography I have been photographing babies since 2017 and before that I owned a newborn and baby swimming business for 3 years and had the joys of taking newborns for their first swim.

Babies are the best and I appreciate they are your absolute everything. Let me help you remember these moments forever.

  • Originality - Back when I launched in 2017, I had fallen in love with natural newborn photography. I had seen photographers in London and LA photographing babies in a timeless simple way and simply adored that all attention was on baby. I trained with Little White Photography and other world class photographers and did my research in the local area. There was no one else doing it. I saw a gap in the market and realised that if I loved this beautiful simple pure style - you Wilmslow parents would too. I am always trying to develop my craft and move my style on but at the heart of it is simplicity and your newborn. Nowadays the market is overrun with newborn photographers and all copying the next. If you want a photographer that is forward thinking, original and isn't simply a carbon copy of the next, then I'm your girl.

  • Style - As I said earlier, googling "Wilmslow Newborn Photographers" will give you a bit of a headache quite possibly as you work your way through a list of photographers and didn't style. Research what style will mean something to you now and through the years. For me, that is a natural and neutral style that frames your baby perfectly. There are a lot of amazing photographers to choose from and you need to know what style is going to warm your heart forever.

If you love simplicity and want your baby to be at the centre of each image without all those weird and wonderful awkward poses - then we could be a really good mix.

  • Price - I get why people do it but googling "cheap Wilmlsow newborn photographers" isn't going to get you the best newborn photographer. If someone is cheap then please question why. Do you want someone who isn't getting paid much for doing it to be handling your baby? Would you google "cheap nurseries?". No, because you recognise that the best ones with the best facilities and the best experience will demand a fee that recognises this.

  • Portfolio - Ensure that you have a good look around the photographers instagram and website. Do you see lots of different babies and families? Or is it just a few of the same baby? This would tell me that the photographer has little experience or actually doesn't have a range of experience and great images to share.

A little more about my Newborn Photography

I am always honoured when I am chosen to to photograph a new life and a new member of your family. Whilst I get clients all over the county visiting me - virtually all my clients are willing to travel as they seek my style - I recognise that the closer I am to you, the better! I am a newborn photographer based in Macclesfield, only 10 minutes from Wilmslow and so easily accessible off the A34.

I wanted to be able to share with you this beautifully natural newborn baby gallery that I did a few months ago. My client wanted to include their first baby - this beautiful gorgeous cockapoo and I always welcome well behaved dogs in the studio (only for a short time mind you!).

What makes me photoshoots different to many other photographers in and around Wilmslow, is that I don't pose your baby in the traditional newborn baby poses that you might have come to recognise over the years. For me, it doesn't speak the truth. I love to adapt my baby photoshoots for your baby. Making each session as unique as your child. I am not going to lie, a sleeping baby makes for a very relaxed and easy photoshoot for all involved! But actually when baby awakes it is lovely to capture those in-between moments. As you connect with your baby. As you settle them, as you breathe them in and as you look down and smile at them. These are the moments that make that session extra special.

My newborn baby photography is always photographed on white and I love it when clients read the preparation guide and wear whites, creams and neutrals. It is so flattering on baby. Nothing should overpower baby in the photo. They should always be the focus. Your eye should always be drawn to that special little human being and not to a patterned top or branded t-shirt.

Please take a look around my website and see if I am the kind of photographer that suits your new families needs. I hope so.

I offer relaxed, minimalist and baby led photoshoots that ensure that your newborn baby's photoshoots are timeless.

Sleeping newborn girl with mother on her newborn photoshoot in Wilmslow
Beautiful baby asleep on her newborn photoshoot near wilmslow
Awake newborn baby with father on her newborn photoshoot in Wilmslow
family photo with baby and dog on their newborn and family photoshoot in wilmslow

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