Why Manchester Clients Love My Natural Newborn Photography Style

April 1, 2022 Newborn Baby Photos

Natural newborn photography near Manchester

Just what is natural newborn photography and why exactly has it been such a hit with young families in Manchester?

Natural newborn photography strips it all back to basics - to ensure that your newborn baby is the complete focus on the photoshoot. I do away with any props or fancy outfits and concentrate on creating a beautiful gallery of images for my clients where your eyes are immediately drawn to what is important - your baby.

My natural newborn photography sessions (near Manchester) are always photographed on clean simple white backdrops. I love white on babies as it is such a classic colour and I advise parents to bring baby's into the studio in gorgeous white sleep-suits. I find a lot of my clients, particular those of girls, don't want to define their baby with stereotypical colours and themes. By photographing them on white I feel like we are showing what a blank canvas they are. So many possibilities ahead of them.

What makes me photoshoots different to many other photographers in and around Manchester, is that I don't pose your baby in the traditional newborn baby poses that you might have come to recognise over the years. For me, it doesn't speak the truth. I love to adapt my baby photoshoots for your baby. Making each session as unique as your child. I am not going to lie, a sleeping baby makes for a very relaxed and easy photoshoot for all involved! But actually when baby awakes it is lovely to capture those in-between moments. As you connect with your baby. As you settle them, as you breathe them in and as you look down and smile at them. These are the moments that make that session extra special. I always think that life is fast moving and if you don't slow down and document the important stuff, you may well forget it.

I am always honoured when I am chosen to to photograph a new life and a new member of your family. I am a newborn photographer based in Macclesfield, only 30 minutes from Manchester and so easily accessible off the A34. Whilst I get clients all over the county visiting me - virtually all my clients are willing to travel as they seek my style - I recognise that the closer I am to you, the better!

I wanted to be able to share with you this beautifully natural newborn baby gallery that I did a few months ago. My client wanted to document these very early precious memories with a natural newborn photoshoot in my dedicated baby photography studio near Manchester.

Natural newborn photography should treat your baby will respect and will never compromise you baby's safety.

Please take a look around my website and see if I am the kind of photographer near Manchester that suits your new families needs. I hope so.

I offer relaxed, minimalist and baby led photoshoots that ensure that your newborn baby's photoshoots are timeless.

Baby being winded on white blanket on a natural newborn photoshoot near Manchester at newborn photography studio.
Father kissing awake baby on the cheek as baby looks at camera in natural newborn photoshoot near Manchester
Mother looking lovingly down at newborn baby during photoshoot near Manchester
Awake baby on white blanket looking at camera in natural newborn baby photoshoot near Manchester

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My dedicated natural newborn and baby photography studio is just 30 minutes from Manchester.

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