Deciding on a newborn photoshoot Cheshire

newborn photoshoot

Welcome to Light Of My Life Photography. Firstly, congratulations!! You must be here because you are considering a newborn photoshoot in Cheshire. If you thought newborn photography was a bit cheesy and not for you, well, you were not alone. It is a common misconception that newborn photography is old fashioned and cheesy. It does not have to be that way and most parents that come into my studio tell me that they never wanted to have a newborn photoshoot until they stumbled across my work. My aim during our newborn photoshoot is to help create for you, a beautiful gallery of images that are timeless and celebrate your baby in a style that is authentic, emotive and heartfelt. My timeless simple style of newborn photography is there to give full attention on baby.

what do you want from a newborn photoshoot?

simplicity & fuss free

My studio is a firm "no uncomfortable posing zone".

I only photograph on white. I do not place babies in buckets and baskets and pretend wooden cots. All I have is a bean bag, white blankets and your arms.

natural movement

What is important to me, is that I don't overly pose baby. What I was want to create are images that reflect how your baby laid and moved. How you felt comfortable holding them. I do help you somewhat. And I also help to move baby in natural positions. But I do not use the traditional "poses" synonymous with newborn photographers. I keep everything as natural as possible.

genuine moments

I want smiles to be genuine. I never ask you to look into the camera. You are looking at baby. Baby is always the focus. This way you are relaxed, your smiles come from a genuine love for your newborn and not a forced smile for the camera. Hey, you don't even have to smile. Just breathing in that newborn smell creates delicious genuine feels.

Newborn in daddy's arms