newborn photography training

learning how to be a natural newborn photographer

I have come an incredibly long way in a short time in terms of my ability behind the camera & my newborn photography style. This is because I allowed myself to become consumed with researching my style and I also invested in newborn training.

I know the photographers I love and the photographers I respect. These are the ones that I knew that I needed to be trained by.

I am always astonished when people tell me that they are trying to launch a newborn photography business and for them to earn a decent living from it - yet they do not intend to invest money into training to be the best. Not only is this unrealistic but it is also potentially unsafe. Newborn photography training can really speed up your development and stop you making the mistakes that others are. Why would anyone want to hire someone who has had no training at all? Why should they pay you money to photograph there newborn if you are not willing to train to do a good job.

My style is very natural looking and baby led. However, I do not just plonk baby down and leave them to it. Angles, lighting and small adjustments to baby's sleeping position, allows for me to help create a gallery that is timeless and priceless to the family.

My gentle style keeps baby safe at all times. I do not believe in heavy posing. I see a lot of images that look to me like the baby's safety has been compromised in order to get a posed image. There are a lot of experience photographers out there that do not compromise at all. If you want to do poses like the frog or place babies in buckets - I cannot teach you that. But I can help you make the most out of a more natural style.

I also only photograph on white. And oh my goodness, this is possibly the hardest colour that you could photograph on. We know what white should look like and so we see every bit of grey, blue, magenta and green in the whites. I can help you here and guide you on how to get nice clean whites.

I'd love to chat. For more information use the link below and lets see if we can help you reach your goal of becoming a natural newborn photographer safely.