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Natural & simple baby photography near Manchester

Mostly, my baby photography clients in Manchester are keen to get their newborn or 9-12 month old baby photographed. This is definitely the current trend. However, more recently I am getting a lot more enquiries from my Manchester clients for a baby photoshoot for babies that are just out of that newborn stage. And do you know what, I blooming love it!

I would never ever turn a baby away based on their age and a lot of photographers would generally encourage you to wait until baby is sitting in order to create for you a lot more variety. But I just think this stage is simply adorable. If you want photos now of your baby, you should get just that.

There are huge benefits of having baby photos at this stage. Baby is generally awake throughout the whole photoshoot. This means lots of connection with the camera and eye contact with you. It also means smiles and inquisitive faces which is so incredibly cute. Your baby will have a clear personality now and you will know them well. There are benefits to you too coming for a photoshoot when your baby is that bit older. You are not quite so exhausted. Getting out of the house doesn't seem quite so impossible. Baby won't have a big fear of strangers either and so will generally greet me with a gorgeous happy smile and will feel comfortable and happy on the photoshoot.

I really do recommend these older baby photoshoots. Here are just a small few images from this gorgeous baby girls photoshoot back in 2021.

Light of My Life Baby Photography is based in Macclesfield, Cheshire and is just a short drive down the A34 from Manchester. My studio is situated in a lovely quiet residential street and parking is easy. There are lots of places to stop off for a drink on the way home too should you need further refreshments. I often get clients from all over the North West as they seek out the best photographer for their baby.

If you live in and around Manchester and are looking for a baby photographer near you, then you should definitely consider Light Of My Life Photography. For a minimalist and organic look, free from the confines of traditional awkward posing.

Manchester photoshoot with a baby looking at the camera
Baby on her photoshoot near Manchester

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Baby sticking tongue out in photoshoot near Manchester
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