Newborn & Family photoshoots in Cheshire

I am always delighted when clients return with their second or third child and want to have a newborn photoshoot and incorporate lots of family images too. Usually, a newborn photoshoot is pretty chilled and we can have a good relax and chat as I photograph your first newborn. Now, fast forward a couple of years and your precious little newborn is now a thriving, inquisitive, no saying toddler who works and plays by their own rules! Yikes! Getting your toddler to do what you need them to do is hard at the best of times. But on a newborn family photoshoot? What?

Newborn and family photoshoots with Light Of My Life Photography, based in Cheshire - are always baby and child led. I find, the more you want a toddler to do something, the less likely they are to cooperate. And you know what, let's keep it real. My images reflect family life. Family life isn't perfectly posed. Life with young children is fast moving and chaotic and having images that force children to be anything but the child they are - simply isn't reflecting them in a truthful way. This is why, I find a way to photograph a young family that feels natural to them.

For family photography in Cheshire you want something that reflects who you all are. Toddlers are generally very inquisitive people but sometimes the novelty of a newborn brother or sister has well and truly worn out by the time you rock up to your newborn photoshoot. Don't get me wrong, some toddlers love hard and want to cuddle your newborn all day, but I would say most family photoshoots involve a toddler wanting snacks, wanting to leave and not wanting to look at the camera.

But it is all good. We will make it work.Together we will create moments that will look picture perfect - for you. My newborn and family photoshoots will encourage loving, natural images that you will be able to keep forever. Your young, wild, energetic family frozen in time forever.

Newborn baby with big sister on family newborn photoshoot in Cheshire
Family photoshoot image with photographer based in Cheshire with big sister looking at camera
relaxed family having photo done with newborn baby at a family photoshoot based in Cheshire

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Sleeping newborn baby on family photoshoot at photographers based in Cheshire