professional baby photos

Baby photos, why are they so important?

It's such a cliche to say it, but your baby grows so fast. It is a fact. Whilst there are a whole host of actual things you need to buy in order to cope with a newborn, it is safe to say that professional baby photos are of course a luxury in this day and age.

When you bring them home they’re so tiny, delicate and dependent on you. You will spend endless days (and nights!) just staring at them. They will recognise your voice and your scent. It is a precious unique time that is so personal to you. Then within months they’re starting to roll over, then sitting and before you know it your little bundle is walking.

They go through so many changes and learn so much in that first year.

We cannot stop time. But we can capture moments that matter and keep hold of them, forever allowing us to look back and remember. Baby photos are a gift for you as well as a gift to them.

But DO I NEED A professional for my baby photos?

It astounds me that bringing a child into this world isn't always deemed as important as getting married. Most of us wouldn't dream of getting married and not using a professional to capture moments on camera.

The baby photos that you have from their first year will undoubtably be some of your most treasured.

Obviously, having professional photos done of your baby is a luxury. But it is important to consider how important these images will be to you as you get older.

As a specialist baby photographer, I am extensively trained in capturing the most beautiful baby photos.

  • Using light to flatter and highlight your babies & your features.
  • Using angles to help capture the beautiful details.
  • I am experienced in which positions are best to capture your baby in.
  • And only photograph your baby in positions that are safe and comfortable for your baby.

Having professional baby photos also means that you’ll be in front of the camera, rather than always behind it.

It sometimes gets forgotten and dismissed by parents that they need to also be present in the photos. Imagine how important these images will be when they're older.

It will be such a gift to them to see how important they were to you. They'll see it in the images we create.

You will see that the professional photos are the images that you will want on your wall.

So you’re not just investing in baby photos to treasure, you’re also investing in memories.


Which are the best ages for baby photos?

Babies change constantly, so it’s important to know which stages in that first year are the best to capture with professional photography.

  • Newborn – those first 4 weeks are a total haze and having stunning photos to remember all your babies little details is amazing.
  • 7-10 months – this is when your babies personality will really start shining through. They’re sitting, rolling, clapping and just generally being adorable.
  • 12 - 15 months – A wonderful time just as they turn one. They will be up to all sorts of cheeky mischief by now. Older that 15 months and generally children won't be able to sit still long enough. This is when I would recommend an outdoor photoshoot.

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