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More often than not, when you think about baby photography, your mind usually goes straight to those gorgeous newborn baby photos and getting images of your baby in the very early weeks of life. Older baby photography often gets overlooked and I can bare it no longer!! Bringing your baby into the studio once they are comfortably sitting, opens the door to a gorgeous selection of baby photos that really start to capture the personality and nature of your baby. No longer completely dependent on you, they are growing with confidence and keen to look around, touch, feel and explore. They find very simple silly things absolutely frigging hilarious and the sound of you mooing has them in a fit of hysterics! Boy oh boy, how they've changed since those early days....

For me, 7-12 months is an absolutely gorgeous time to get your baby into the studio. They're sitting, but generally, have yet to start walking and so capturing sweet and delicious baby photos around this time is perfect. It still works after 12 months, so do not panic if you have missed this window, we just need to think faster and I need to be able to somersault across the room to keep up with them!

I like to describe my older baby sessions as a little playdate, something of a little baby sensory with lots of new toys to explore and play with and new sounds to hear and drums to bang! I have a lovely selection of wooden toys from a fabulous retailer called Sarah and Bendrix. Virtually everyone leaves the studio asking for their details as they fall in love with the beautiful toys they sell. I also have the fantastic Jellycat Bunny which always makes for fabulous photos.

My main aim in the session is to get natural expressions from your baby. For me, they don't have to always be smiling and they really don't always have to be looking at the camera. I like to capture their gaze as they look at you, or smile at you or laughing as you do something silly to make them giggle. You are always there. It is really important that baby feels safe and secure and comfortable. I don't put them in props. We just let them sit, explore, play, laugh and be inquisitive.

When you start to research baby photography, you will see such variety in what is available to you. I always say, there is a photographer out there for everyone. If you are looking to capture natural and authentic moments of your baby then maybe you should get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

Gorgeous baby photoshoot