Cake Smash Photoshoots

Cake Smash - Pricing & Packages


My main aim, as a baby photographer, is to ensure that I am here for you and to help you document your baby and their milestones with gorgeous natural and simple baby images. That celebrate how unique your baby is.

This is simple, pure & timeless cake smash photography.

Something that in the future, acts like a ticket back into time, to see and re-live these precious moments, forever.

Simple collection

Baby girl enjoying cake on her cake smash photoshoot in dedicated natural baby photography studio

Simple collection

Up to 90 mins studio time
10 Digital Images to download
Includes bespoke 4" double tiered yummy cake

£100 deposit


pure collection

Gorgeous baby girl eating her birthday cake on a cake smash photoshoot in Cheshire

pure collection

Up to 90 mins Studio Time
20 images to download
Four 10 x 8 Professional Prints
Includes bespoke 4" double tiered yummy cake

£100 deposit


timeless collection

Baby girl with parents on her cake smash photoshoot in Cheshire

timeless collection

Up to 90 mins Studio Time
Full Gallery 30+ Images
Eight 10 x 8 Prints
Includes bespoke 4" double tiered yummy cake

£100 deposit


Cake Smash photoshoots

Your baby turning one is an enormous milestone for both them and you. Cake smash photoshoots are a brilliant way of ensuring that you mark the occasion and dedicate a photoshoot to this incredibly special milestone. Your baby has grown so much in these past 12 months. It is hard to even imagine them again at that little newborn fresh stage. Those teeny tiny newborn hands have made way for hands that can reach and explore the world around them. This stage is just a joy to photograph. Lots of smiles and interaction. Cake smash photoshoots are a beautiful way to get lots of super sweet moments and I will be on hand to photograph each gorgeous unique moment.

The cake smash photoshoot will start much the same way as my older baby photoshoots, with toys, cuddles and play. No pressure as we have plenty of time to get a fantastic range of images that will be as unique as your baby. I have a great range of lovely wooden toys for baby to play with. We can get out the ONE letters to help further document these special days and also a cute birthday hat and jumper. All different ways to ensure that we make this occasion with all the detail and attention that it deserves.

They can sit and play, its a bit like a baby sensory playdate. No pressure whatsoever. I will simply click away as baby explores the studio and the toys using the light to photograph baby beautifully. Your interaction is key. Lots of reassurance will help baby feel comfortable.

Once we have that in the bag, then your cake smash photoshoot comes to life with a delicious bespoke buttercream cake. The cake is 4" and double tiered - perfect for those little baby hands to grab. How your baby responds to the cake is always a huge amount of fun to watch. Some baby's just launch straight into it with their mouths, savouring new tastes and smells and in utter amazement that something this yummy is allowed and all for them. Watching you in the corner of their eyes, waiting for you to stop them! Other baby's on their cake smash photoshoot might be more wary, they might poke it a little, knock it over and even share it with you! All the while, I am on hand, to document this gorgeous event. Once your cake smash is finished, most baby's have left enough for you to box up and take home and enjoy with a cup of tea as your baby sleeps off the cake smash photoshoot!

It's not just about the cake smash though. You will get such beautiful variety of images. It really is a gorgeous photoshoot to treat yourselves to. Take a look through my images and see if my style suits you. You can also celebrate your baby turning one without the cake if that is your preference.

To book a cake smash photoshoot the deposit is £100. This then comes off the balance of the collection you choose.


How do you photograph baby's?

I have a very relaxed approach to baby photography and I do everything in my power to make sure baby is as relaxed as possible. I'm a fan of unposed baby images and so love to capture baby's looking curiously or smiling at you. I don't think that baby needs to be looking at the camera in order to get a beautiful image. Take a look at my portfolio to see if my style suits what you are looking for.

What should we wear?

I photograph only on white. This is so your eye is immediately drawn to baby - who should be the focus of attention. So with this mind, keep your outfits simple. No bold colours or patterns. Ideally a white top teamed with jeans or a white dress looks utterly gorgeous. Baby just needs to come in a white baby vest. Simple and straightforward.

Where are you based and do you have a studio?

I'm based in Macclesfield and have a fabulous dedicated newborn, baby and cake smash studio that has been built with your baby in mind! It is at the bottom of my garden. Plenty of free stressfree parking is available.

How & when will we receive our images?

After your session, I go back through all the images and select the best of the best from them. I then do a top line edit and send it back to you via an on-line gallery. This process takes 2-3 weeks (sometimes less). Gallery size is usually around 30-40 images.